Google AdWords is the number one online marketing strategy of every successful company. Our Google certified AdWords specialists use the latest analytics tools to dynamically track the performance of your ads and measure their reach globally or locally. Each paid click thus becomes a smart investment that brings profit and increases brand awareness of your company.

What Is AdWords?

AdWords is a paid online marketing campaign that lets you advertise your products or services on Google's search engine and its partner networks. When a user searches for a certain word or phrase in Google, small ads are also shown next to the search results. The content of the ads matches the searched word or phrase. If a user searches for lawnmowers, lawnmower ads are displayed next to the regular results.

Why Advertise with AdWords?

In the case of traditional advertising, you advertise to people who are mostly not interested in your advert. AdWords displays your ads only to people who would be interested in your services and products. This significantly reduces the cost of advertising and increases its efficiency. You pay only for each click on your ad, which normally means that the person is interested in what you offer. You also set the daily budget and are in total control of your expenses.

Keyword Analysis and Optimization

A good keyword analysis is crucial for a successful Adwords campaign. We can create ad groups based on keyword type (informative, commercial) and the targeted location. Each group can have its own ad and landing page. We can either create a new landing page or link the ad to an existing page on your domain.

After the launch of the campaign, we monitor the data and optimize the campaign accordingly. The campaign optimization includes reviewing and monitoring monthly data. We find keywords that yield good results and those that do not (according to performance indicators such as conversions, click through rates, bounce rates, etc.) We delete lower performing keywords or assign them to other ad groups.

A successful campaign has to bring you direct benefits. We analyse key performance indicators (KPIs), such as Quality Score (QS), Click-Through Ratio (CTR), Conversion Rate (CR) and Cost-Per-Click (CPC). This gives you the opportunity to measure the performance of your ads compared to your expected results.

We also send out monthly reports that include statistical data for the past calendar month. They show the most searched keywords and those that had conversions. The report also lists the key performance indicators for the past month and includes information on your total advertising costs.

Ad Targeting

Our experts will develop an ad targeting strategy, which narrows down the scope of the advertising according to certain criteria (audience, location, language, devices, keywords).

Ad Placement

We will give you the opportunity to target websites that your customers visit the most. You can also opt for automatic placement that lets Google decide where your ads will be displayed.

Campaign Monitoring

We will analyze key performance indicators (KPIs), such as Quality Score (QS), Click-Through Ratio (CTR), Conversion Rate (CR) and Cost-Per-Click (CPC).