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Simplifying rail trip planning with a user-friendly web app and specialized features for Interrail pass owners.
The Client
Interrail Planner streamlines the process of planning rail travel in Europe by integrating maps, facilitating saving plans, and offering exclusive features for Interrail pass holders. Their objective is to enhance user convenience, save time, and simplify travel planning.
The Challenge
We were tasked with developing a user-friendly platform that tackles the travel constraints encountered by Interrail pass holders, while simultaneously offering an intuitive rail trip planning experience for all users.
The Solution
Starting from scratch, we constructed a solution that seamlessly integrates maps, saves plans, and addresses pass limitations, providing advanced Interrail travelers with a personalized and smooth experience.
Plan your own trip!

Interrail Planner allows you to plan out all the details of your dream European vacation, eliminating any worries and letting you enjoy the sights and culture of the places you visit. Interrail Planner’s interactive map lets you pick which destinations you’d like to visit, offering a clear overview of your route, chosen accommodations, and overall costs. To help you explore the beauties Europe has to offer, Interrail Planner has composed travel guides for all countries they have on offer, giving you a general overview, advice on what places to visit, and even suggesting what locations you should check out next.

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Just input where and when you want to go to get started with the easiest trip planning ever!
Choose your route, pass and means of transportation.
Never feel lost or overwhelmed with Interrail Planner’s detailed country guides!

The Results

Interrail Planner revolutionized rail travel planning in Europe by offering a streamlined platform with integrated maps and plan saving. Thanks to our work on their web application and online branding, Interrail Planner saw increased growth in the form of integration with several third-party APIs.

The success of their European rail planning service eventually led to an opportunity for expansion to other markets with their Japan Rail Planner and Eurail Planner apps.

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No matter if it’s a big or small project, the team at Crionis will approach it with dedication and expertise, leading to an impressive end product.
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If you are in search of a team that combines technical skill, creative vision, and a client-focused approach, Crionis is the ideal choice.
Jack Cowell
Director at JackJack
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