Concise and reliable daily news summaries.
Users have praised the app's design, usability, and personalized news experience.
The Client

Newsdrop is a simple news app for iPhone and Apple Watch devices, providing smart summaries of daily news. Newsdrop covers the most important news of the day and aims to provide reliable information, making it ideal for busy people.

The Challenge
Being our own product, we have designed the app in its entirety, basing it on Apple design guidelines and best practices in order to match the look of the app with the minimalist philosophy underlying the product.
The Solution
Our UX/UI team crafted a visually appealing interface for both devices, considering the limited screen real estate. We implemented the automatic transformation of news into audio using APIs, as well as customizable themes that allow users to personalize their experience.
Powerhouse technology hidden behind simple features

At first glance, Newsdrop is a fairly simple application, but that is far from the truth. Under the sleek design of the app, where every pixel was carefully placed to maintain its minimalistic appearance, the background technology of the app is built upon Kubernetes, with an integrated custom-made CMS for scheduling news batch updates and managing the app. In addition to those features, we have also created Newsdrop with primarily simplicity in mind, which is why the application didn't require profile creation. Our favorite Newsdrop feature is Audio News, an option that allows users to listen to articles in the background instead of taking the time to read them. Through the use of Microsoft Azure's Text-toSpeech service, we transformed written text into spoken audio, which was then reviewed and additionally edited by our copywriters to ensure a natural tone of voice. With Newsdrop, you can stay up to date with current events while driving to work, jogging around the park, or doing virtually anything else!

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Listening to the latest updates while multitasking has never been easier with Newsdrop's Audio News!
Newsdrop updates you up to four times a day in scheduled intervals, keeping you informed and making sure that you don’t miss a beat.
Free users could unlock one free news batch a day by watching ads, while additional batches and an ad-free version of the app were available to Pro users.

The Results

Newsdrop has transformed news consumption, providing users with reliable summaries and the flexibility to listen to news on the go. Users have praised the app's design, usability, and personalized news experience.

App Store Rating
Product of the day
Pro user accounts
Downloaded the app. Great initiative. Well thought.
Overall the app is nice and clean with some good copy.
It’s very eye appealing, catchy, & interactive.
Great customer service and a great app!
I am disabled so having an alternate way of viewing the news is very greatly appreciated.
What a gorgeous app, thank you for sharing. I’m already loving it!
This is simply made for people like me. Always running somewhere without proper time to actually read the news. Awesome job!
Ljubiša Kukulj
UX/UI Designer
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