Search Engine Optimization

Even though your website exists, that does not guarantee many people will visit it. Your current and potential customers must be able to find you when searching for your products and services or terms related to your business. By using sophisticated techniques, we can optimize your website to achieve high visibility in search engine results and increase the number of your potential clients.

What Is SEO?

Like many other websites, yours too may not leave an impression on your target audience. People will not instantly find your new website and recognize its value. First, you need to empower them to find your website when they search for terms and phrases closely related to your website’s content and your business activity. This is where SEO comes into play.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is one of the forms of online marketing, which, among other things, focuses on organic traffic and improving visibility and position of websites in Internet search engines. Organic traffic refers to visitors coming in via keywords for which the website is being ranked.

Basic SEO Factors

The analysis provides insight into basic SEO factors that significantly affect the ranking and functionality of your website. These SEO factors are divided into three main categories: on-site, off-site and technical factors. On-site factors include layout and optimization of elements and descriptions, quantity and quality of content, and user experience. Off-site factors include the quantity of links and domains that refer to your website and most used anchor text in links that point to your website. Lastly, technical factors include optimization of the website and loading speed, and other technical data relevant for the functionality of your website.

Content Writing Services

Content writers perform various major tasks. They research keywords or generate keywords for use in the article. Their task is to create content that informs the reader, promotes the company, or sells the product or service which are mentioned in the article. The content needs to entice and engage users, so that they carry on browsing the current website.

Content writers also create content that is intelligent in its use of keywords or content that is focused on search engine optimization (SEO). However, they need to produce original, helpful, and compelling content that focuses on informing the readers, not only search engines. Also, the content needs to instantly and easily provide information to the readers.

Online writing greatly differs from writing for printed materials. This is because internet users scan text rather than reading it thoroughly. They skip what they see as irrelevant information. This is why content written for websites needs to be relevant, easy to read, and to the point.

SEO Consulting

Our expert SEO consultants will give your website a clear competitive edge in the search results thanks to their experience in improving website ranking.

Original Content

Our content creators will produce original content, which is of the utmost importance for your website regarding its visibility in the search results.

Competitor Analysis

Our expert analysts will provide insight in the current state of your website and websites of your business rivals. This will tell us exactly what they are doing in terms of online marketing.