Nowadays, more and more businesses recognize the benefits of web applications. Their platform-independent nature makes them a very flexible solution for both small and large businesses. Using the finest programming routines, coding protocols and methodical framework programming, we create powerful web applications delivered in a simple solution.

What Are Web Applications?

A web application is a software application in which the client runs in a web browser. Web applications are highly popular because of the omnipresence of web browsers. It is extremely convenient to use a web browser as a client to maintain and update web applications. Web applications eliminate the need for distribution or installation of software on thousands of client computers. Web applications inherently support cross-platform compatibility.

Web Applications for Business Use

Many businesses today do not have to buy data center hardware such as servers because it is more cost-effective to rent them on a short-term basis. Hosting companies provide turnkey implementations of web applications. Packages of hardware and software that are necessary to support all business needs of a company include hosting, development and maintenance of web applications. Web applications provide exceptional economic value, as companies are able to leverage their online presence, creating long-lasting and lucrative relationships with their customers.

What Are the Benefits of Web Applications?

Web applications are accessible anywhere and anytime, on a wide range of devices connected to the internet. The process of customizing and updating the interface and presentation of web applications is much simpler in comparison to desktop applications. Because web applications are usually deployed on dedicated servers, maintaining security is far easier and more effective than monitoring a huge number of client computers. All users can access new versions as soon as they are installed on the host server. This removes the need to update each client PC.

Web-based architecture enables rapid integration of systems, which improves workflow and other business processes. For example, integrating a web-based shopping cart system with an accounting package is much easier than getting two proprietary systems to work with each other. Installing and updating web applications is very simple.

Clean code and APIs

Using best programming practices, and following strict coding guidelines and highest standards, we produce clean code that is easy to follow and maintain.

Multi-browser compatibility

Keeping up to date with the latest technology, we ensure our web applications are equally user friendly and functional on multiple browsers.

Rigorous testing

We test all aspects of the application, which includes performance, load and stress testing, as well as accessibility and usability.